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Join us in the Classroom Gardening Program and teach kids about cooking and gardening.

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We have two classroom programs, our primary program is for Grades 1-3 (in the spring) and intermediate for Grades 4-6 (in the fall). Both run during school hours Monday-Friday in the mornings. You will be paired with a classroom and visit that same class on the same day every two weeks.

The primary program runs during school hours in the spring from April through to June. It is commitment of approximately 4 hours per month for 3.5 months. By filling out this form, you are committing to join a Growing Chefs! Classroom Gardening and Cooking program team. If you would like to learn a bit more before signing up, please feel free to contact us or learn more here.


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Our classroom program runs in the mornings usually from 10:15am-12:00pm. You visit your classroom on the same day every second week. Please indicate the days you would be available.(hold down the "control" button and click to select multiple days)

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We require each volunteer provide us with two references. These can be professional references, character references, or references from a previous volunteer.

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