Web Resources

Find out what other great gardening and sustainability projects are happening around Vancouver.

Gardening with Kids

Let’s Get Growing
A Comprehensive kids’ gardening resource, powered by the American National Gardening Association.

Fresh for Kids
A fabulous, interactive Australian site with games, quizzes and fun facts.

Canadian Gardening 
Gardening tips & articles, including a "How-to: gardening with kids" section

Gardening at Home with Kids
Great resource with lots of ideas for gardening projects for kids

Home Garden Improvements 
Gardening tips for growing vegetable and flower gardens at home, including a "Kids' Gardening" section

Gardening Tips for Kids 
Another great list of resources all about garden planning and care aimed at families and kids! 

Guide to Gardening at Home
Curious about growing trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers, gardening with kids, starting a compost? This is a great place to start to get growing! *Special thanks to an amazing group of Girl Scouts in California who are working on earning their gardening badges and shared this resource with us so we could share it with you!

Indoor Gardens

Indoor Apartment Gardening
Tips and tricks to starting and growing your own indoor garden if you don't have a lot of space.

Garden Troubleshooting

Backyard Gardener
Q & A, articles, even poetry!

National Gardening Association
Plant Care Guides

West Coast Seeds
Regional Planing Guide for B.C.

Recipes and Nutrition

Freggie Tales
BC Produce Marketing Association program. Recipes categorized by vegetable.

The Food Network
Recipes, cooking demos and party Ideas.

Food Safety
An American government food safety page. Links to tons of activities and articles for kids, teens and educators.

Health Canada - Food & Nutrition
Nutirion information for Canadians

Sustainability Projects

Farm Folk City Folk
FFCF covers it all -- food security, nutrition, food supply, health, and community development. With a huge library of links.

City Farmer
A wise and long-standing urban agriculture resource. Local experts on composting and worm bins.

Vancouver Farmers Market
Growers, vendors and community information.

The Terra Nova Schoolyard Society
A fabulous school farm project based in Richmond.

UBC Farm
The last working farm in Vancouver.

Sustainable Agriculture Research Foundation
Not local, but inspiring, this American organization has 20 years of experience directing research, grants and education.