“It’s amazing how stoked you feel coming out of the classroom - feeling great about life.”
Jonathan Chovancek, Chef Volunteer.


"Thanks for selecting my class for the pilot project. It was a wonderful experience for the students and they learned new skills. They're also starting to think about healthy eating, where their food comes from and growing their own food. I appreciate the time, effort and dedication you put into the Growing Chefs Program. It's an invaluable program to the Vancouver students." Sylvia Seto. Grenfell Elementary School.

“The greatest success of the Growing Chefs! program is the students’ excitement about food.”
Christine Uchida, Grade 3/4 Teacher, Champlain Heights Elementary.


"I only liked meat and I hated vegetables, but Growing Chefs! made cool and creative ways to have vegetables and make it taste good." - Harry

"I never knew how to use a knife before Growing Chefs! taught me (like actually).  Also I never knew making salad would be easy.  We made Greek salad!" - Kelly Kim

"Another activity we did was how tomatoes come to Canada from Mexico.  Basically, we made a big circle, we had a tomato card.  We passed it around and read out lout the processes.  I got to know how tomatoes are traveling and how beneficial community gardens are." - Harry