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Please note that our spring program is for Gr. 1-3 and our fall program for grade 4-6. We currently do not have a program for Kindergarten classes.

The program runs in the spring from late March through to June (it starts just after spring break) and in the fall mid-September to December. The volunteers will visit your class every two weeks for a total of 7 visits and will bring all the required gardening and cooking materials. Read more about how the program works and what to expect.

There is a program fee of $400 to help with our costs. However, we do have subsidies and scholarships available to schools that are unable to pay that fee. We never turn a class away because they can't afford it!

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A teacher orientation is required for teachers participating in the program. These orientations are scheduled in the evenings and right after school and will be held in late February and early March. You are only required to attend one session and it is about 2 hours long. They will be held in a centrally located school. Please indicate if you are able to attend.
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Our classroom gardens are grown indoors on windowsills. Your class will need a space cleared by the window to accommodate six seed trays. Will you be able to provide this space for the garden?
The program runs in the mornings usually from just after recess to 12:00pm on the same day every two weeks. Please indicate what days your class would be available:

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